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PRUSSv2 Interrupts

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Interrupt Number Signal Name (Non-Ethercat Mode) Source Signal Name (Ethercat Mode) Description
63 tpcc_int_pend_po1 TPCC (EDMA) A DMA request has completed
62 tpcc_errint_pend_po TPCC (EDMA) A DMA error has occurred (see TPCC)
61 tptc_errint_pend_po TPCC (EDMA) A DMA error has occurred - TPTC0 only (see TPTC0)
60 initiator_sinterrupt_q_n1 Mbox0 - mail_u1_irq (mailbox interrupt for pru0) A message has been left in the mailbox for PRU0 (see Mailbox)
59 initiator_sinterrupt_q_n2 Mbox0 - mail_u2_irq (mailbox interrupt for pru1) A message has been left in the mailbox for PRU1 (see Mailbox)
58 Emulation Suspend Signal (software use) Debugss  ?
57 POINTRPEND1 GPIO0 Interrupt from level change on an external GPIO0 pin
56 pwm_trip_zone eHRPWM0/eHRPWM1/eHRPWM2 External fault occurred on eHRPWM0/1/2 (see Trip-zone)
55 mcasp_x_intr_pend McASP0 Tx pr1_mii1_crs(external) McASP is ready to receive data for transmitting
54 mcasp_r_intr_pend McASP0 Rx PRU1_RX_EOF McASP has received an entire frame for processing
53 gen_intr_pend ADC_TSC MDIO_MII_LINK[1] A general interrupt occurred on the touch controller (check appropriate status register)
52 nirq UART2 PORT1_TX_OVERFLOW A general interrupt occurred on the UART2 (check appropriate status register)
51 nirq UART0 PORT1_TX_UNDERFLOW A general interrupt occurred on the UART0 (check appropriate status register)
50 c0_rx_thresh_pend 3PGSW (GEMAC) PRU1_RX_OVERFLOW External Ethernet switch has passed its receive buffer threshold (ready for data to be retrieved)
49 c0_rx_pend 3PGSW (GEMAC) PRU1_RX_NIBBLE_ODD External Ethernet switch has received a packet (should be acknowledged)
48 c0_tx_pend 3PGSW (GEMAC) PRU1_RX_CRC External Ethernet switch has transmitted a packet (should be acknowledged)
47 c0_misc_pend 3PGSW (GEMAC) PRU1_RX_SOF A miscellaneous interrupt was triggered on the External Ethernet switch (see appropriate status register)
46 epwm_intr_intr_pend eHRPWM1 PRU1_RX_SFD  ?
45 eqep_intr_intr_pend eQEP0 PRU1_RX_ERR32  ?
43 eHRPWM0 McASP0 Tx pr1_mii0_crs(external)  ?
42 ecap_intr_intr_pend eCAP0 PRU0_RX_EOF  ?
40 dcan_intr DCAN0 PORT0_TX_OVERFLOW  ?
39 dcan_int1 DCAN0 PORT0_TX_UNDERFLOW  ?
38 dcan_uerr DCAN0 PRU0_RX_OVERFLOW  ?
37 epwm_intr_intr_pend eHRPWM2 PRU0_RX_NIBBLE_ODD  ?
36 ecap_intr_intr_pend eCAP2 PRU0_RX_CRC  ?
35 ecap_intr_intr_pend eCAP1 PRU0_RX_SOF  ?
34 mcasp_r_intr_pend McASP1 Rx PRU0_RX_SFD  ?
33 mcasp_x_intr_pend McASP1 Tx PRU0_RX_ERR32  ?
32 nirq UART1 PRU0_RX_ERR  ?
31 pr1_pru_mst_intr[15]_intr_req pru0 or pru1  ?
30 pr1_pru_mst_intr[14]_intr_req pru0 or pru1  ?
29 pr1_pru_mst_intr[13]_intr_req pru0 or pru1  ?
28 pr1_pru_mst_intr[12]_intr_req pru0 or pru1  ?
27 pr1_pru_mst_intr[11]_intr_req pru0 or pru1  ?
26 pr1_pru_mst_intr[10]_intr_req pru0 or pru1  ?
25 pr1_pru_mst_intr[9]_intr_req pru0 or pru1  ?
24 pr1_pru_mst_intr[8]_intr_req pru0 or pru1  ?
23 pr1_pru_mst_intr[7]_intr_req pru0 or pru1  ?
22 pr1_pru_mst_intr[6]_intr_req pru0 or pru1  ?
21 pr1_pru_mst_intr[5]_intr_req pru0 or pru1  ?
20 pr1_pru_mst_intr[4]_intr_req pru0 or pru1  ?
19 pr1_pru_mst_intr[3]_intr_req pru0 or pru1  ?
18 pr1_pru_mst_intr[2]_intr_req pru0 or pru1  ?
17 pr1_pru_mst_intr[1]_intr_req pru0 or pru1  ?
16 pr1_pru_mst_intr[0]_intr_req pru0 or pru1 PRUSS Internal Interrupts  ?
15 pr1_ecap_intr_req PRUSS eCAP  ?
14 sync0_out_pend PRUSS IEP (Ethercat)  ?
13 sync1_out_pend PRUSS IEP (Ethercat)  ?
12 latch0_in(input to PRUSS) PRUSS IEP (Ethercat)  ?
11 latch1_in(input to PRUSS) PRUSS IEP (Ethercat)  ?
10 pdi_wd_exp_pend PRUSS IEP (Ethercat)  ?
9 pd_wd_exp_pend PRUSS IEP (Ethercat)  ?
8 digio_event_req PRUSS IEP (Ethercat)  ?
7 pr1_iep_tim_cap_cmp_pend PRUSS IEP (Ethercat)  ?
6 pr1_uart_uint_intr_req PRUSS UART  ?
5 pr1_uart_utxevt_intr_req PRUSS UART  ?
4 pr1_uart_urxevt_intr_req PRUSS UART  ?
3 pr1_xfr_timeout PRUSS Scratch Pad Simultaneous Scratch Pad access from both PRUs caused access time-out after 1024 cycles
2 pr1_pru1_r31_status_cnt16 PRU1 (Shift Capture)  ?
1 pr1_pru0_r31_status_cnt16 PRU0 (Shift Capture)  ?
0 pr1_parity_err_intr_pend PRUSS Parity Logic  ?