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* Ployer MOMO9
* Ployer MOMO9
* Sanei N70
* Sanei N70
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Tablets powered by Allwinner A10

Currently there are many tablets on the Chinese market with Allwinner A10 inside. These tablets usually are not very expensive. Below lists some of them:(For how to hack A10 devices, see hack_A10_devices)

  • Teclast 76
  • Teclast P76Ti
  • Ainol Novo7 Advanced
  • Onda Vi20W
  • Bmorn V11
  • WoPad A7 (upcoming)
  • Onda Vi20W deluxe (the original Vi20W is RK2918-based)
  • Onda Vi30W deluxe
  • Onda Vx610w
  • Ployer MOMO9
  • Sanei N70