Adafruit: 16x24 Red LED Matrix Panel

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Adafruit's 16x24 Red LED Matrix Panel [1] uses the HT1632C LED driver [2]. The driver has the ability to dim and flash. The code developed for this MiniProject is based on Adafruit's original HT1632 github repository [3]. It also uses a modified version of BoneHeader.h to support C++ [4].


Inputs and Outputs

A single matrix panel can be powered directly off of the BeagleBone's 3.3V supply (running only on USB power). The interface is a bit-banged serial interface requiring 3 pins: chip select (active low), write clock (rising edge trigger), and data.

Bone Usage

Wiring to come...

Sample C Code

The code shown below is sample code to demonstrate the 16x24 Red LED Matrix Panel.

This code requires the resources in the repository [5]