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* [ Freerunner+Android Wiki]
* [ Freerunner+Android Wiki]
* [ OMAP3] ([[BeagleBoard]])
* [ OMAP3] ([[BeagleBoard]])
* [ 0xlab's Android wiki] ([[BeagleBoard]]/0xdroid)
== Future Development ==
== Future Development ==
* [[ChromeOS]]
* [[ChromeOS]]

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Android (wikipedia entry) is a software platform and operating system written by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, designed for use in small form factor devices and smartphones.

A good place to get started with technical information is to read the Android FAQ

See the Android Portal on this site for a plethora of technical and community information about Android.

See also Category:Android

Information not yet transferred to other places on wiki

This page was a placeholder page until I finished my more comprehensive Android Portal. The portal is still under construction... , but it has now been published as the main entry-point to the Android information on this wiki.

Technical Notes

See Android Notes for miscellaneous technical notes on Android.

See Android on OMAP for tips for putting Android on OMAP-based platforms.

See Using Bootchart on Android for a description of how to use bootchart with an Android product.

Android Community Ports

Future Development