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Android Memory Usage

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The memory of an Android system is managed by several different allocators, in several different pools.

System Memory

You can examine the system's view of the memory on the machine, by examining /proc/meminfo.

If you use 'ddms', you can see a summary of the memory used on the machine, by the system and by the different executing processes. Click on the SysInfo tab, and select "Memory Usage" in the box on the upper left of the pane.

Here's a screenshot:

Android memory usage on an OMAP EVM platform, running eclair, as shown by ddms

Process Memory

You can see an individual process' memory usage by examining /proc/<pid>/status

Details about memory usage are in

  • /proc/<pid>/statm
  • /proc/<pid>/maps
  • /proc/<pid>/smaps

The 'top' command will show VSS and RSS.

Also, see ddms info above.

Dalvik Heap

[how to show dalvik heap info?]