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"Android, Google's mobile operating system, doesn't generate revenue for the company, and likely never will--at least in the direct sense. But Andy Rubin, Google's director of mobile platforms, thinks Google and the world will benefit from any device created with the intent of getting more people onto the Internet, and isn't shy about explaining why the open-source approach chosen for Android holds the most promise of reaching that goal."

Industry/Consortium news

Mentor Graphics acquires Embedded Alley

Mentor Graphics, a large EDA firm, acquires the embedded Linux consulting company Embedded Alley, in July, 2009.


The Open Embedded Software Foundation (OESF) is an Android Consortium formed in Japan in February, 2009. It included 23 companies at startup, and has the support of Google.





Android Demo on Mistral's TMDSEVM3530 featured on You Tube Android Demo on Mistral's TMDXEVM3503 featured on You Tube

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