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Back to [[Android Portal]]
Back to [[Android Portal]]

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Here are some development tools useful for working with Android

Android SDK


The emulator is a version of QEMU, which mimics the instruction set of an ARM processor, and the hardware that one might find on a mobile phone. The emulator runs on an x86 system, but executes an ARM linux kernel and programs. The flow of control is:

    • application ->
    • dalvik VM ->
    • C/C++ libraries ->
    • ARM linux kernel ->
    • emulated instructions and hardware (QEMU)->
    • C libraries->
    • x86 kernel ->
    • real hardware

other tools



Serial Cable for G1

You can build a serial cable to use with the G1, which is helpful to see kernel boot messages on the serial console.

See http://www.instructables.com/id/Android_G1_Serial_Cable

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