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Draft 0.3


Audio, video, and graphics processing is at the core of many CE products. The AVG requirements for CE devices are different than those for PCs/Servers, notably with respect to footprint, input devices, interlacing, streaming, etc.. Multiple graphics planes and video planes may be combined using, e.g., alpha blending and animation.


No single default/standard interfaces exist for AVG. Having a well defined, well supported interface for AVG devices will reduce fragmentation of solutions and encourage the CE community to develop solutions that apply to conforming interfaces, so that they can be deployed across a wider range of systems.


Acronyms and terms

Acronyms and Terms
Term Definition
ALSA Advanced Linux Sound Architecture -- functional level audio API, now standard in 2.6 Linux kernels, replacing OSS.
API Application Programmers Interface
ARIB Association of Radio Industries and Businesses. Most relevant to AVG is the proposed graphics architecture proposed for High Definition TV Broadcast (the 5-plane model).
ATSC Advanced Television Systems Committee. American standard body for digital television broadcasting.
Back-end Scaler A Scaler which manipulates the graphics planes and data, but does not allow the host processor access to the (blended) end result, mainly for efficiency reasons.
CCIR 601 In 1982 CCIR 601 established a digital video standard, which uses the Y, Cr, Cb color space (often incorrectly referred to as YUV). Unlike YUV, Cr,Cb range [-0.5, -0.5]. A full conversion matrix is included below (*)
CE Consumer Electronics: a class of devices used in the home or on the move. Includes DVD, DVR, PVR, PDA, TV, set-top box, cellular phones, etc.
DVB Digital Video Broadcast: European standards body for digital television broadcasting.
DVD Digital Versatile Disc: high capacity multimedia data storage medium.
DVR Digital Video Recorder: a consumer electronic device.
FB,Framebuffer Abstraction of video-out hardware with a low level (ioctl) API. Standard in >2.4 Linux kernel (see the /usr/src/linux/Documentation/fb kernel tree directory for more information).
Front-end Scaler A Scaler which manipulates the graphics planes and data and allows the host processor access the (in-between and) end results.
HDTV High Definition Television: provides a higher quality television broadcast, with progressive and interlaced ( 720p to 1080i ) video and support for 16:9 aspect (movie) ratio.
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group: (lossy) still image compression standard.
MHP Multimedia Home Platform: an API used together with MPEG-2 transmissions.
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension: a standard for identifying the type of data contained in a file. MIME is an Internet protocol that allows sending binary files across the Internet as attachments to e-mail messages. This includes graphics, photos, sound, video files, and formatted text documents.
MP3 MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3: a popular audio compression standard.
MPEG-1/2/4 Moving Picture Experts Group: a compression standard for digital audio & video with varying levels of complexity and achievable compression ratios.
NTSC National Television Systems Committee: American standard for analog television broadcasting.
PAL Phase Alternating Line: American standard for analog television broadcasting.
PNG Portable Network Graphics: (lossless) still image compression standard.
PVR Personal Video Recorder: a consumer electronic device.

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