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* Jefro to build subpages for each project - Done: [[BeagleBoard/GSoC/2010_Projects]]
* Jefro to build subpages for each project - Done: [[BeagleBoard/GSoC/2010_Projects]]

Revision as of 05:40, 13 April 2011


  • koen
  • maltanar
  • drinkcat
  • mru
  • Jefro
  • EfFeM_work
  • ppoudel
  • ssc
  • neo01124
  • topfs2
  • notzed
  • Katie
  • Crofton
  • cwicks_


  • Availability of hardware/emulators
  • Review of last week's meeting
  • Lack of contact regarding Lightning Talks
  • Problems building project
  • Blog titles not showing up in email
  • Documentation on the wiki



  • ppoudel, maltanar, and topfs2 are good for hardware
  • neo01124 needs an XDS100v2
  • drinkcat isn't familiar with hardware JTAG-based debugging tools

Weekly Reports

  • Folks want names put into the article titles.
  • jkridner1 (Jason) to evaluate Yahoo Pipes,, and

Lightning Talks

  • Need to have slides and audio recordings before next weekly meeting. Duration should only be 5 minutes.
  • Would like to have live Q&A around this time of day on Wednesday, June 23rd.
  • Objectives are to introduce your project to more people and to get technical feedback.

Problems building project

  • Be sure to escalate any problems building your project.
  • maltanar and neo01124 all have version control tags of a building version of their project.
  • topfs2 has his in the process of build-testing his current code.
  • ppoudel has some namespace issues before being able to upload to version control.

Blog titles not showing up in email

  • jkridner1 (Jason) to evaluate Yahoo Pipes,, and

Documentation on the wiki

  • Jefro to build subpages for each project.
  • Students to upload instructions to build each project on those subpages.