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In the push to get mainline kernel support for the BeagleBoard, this is just a set of patches felt to be necessary to be cleaned-up and accepted before we can declare success that mainline Linux actually supports the BeagleBoard. The Angstrom kernel is being used as the set of minimal patches as a starting point for this list.

Patch status:

  • BeagleBoard support
    • In mainline already
      • OMAP3: beagle: add support for beagleboard xM revision C (replaced with patch from Joel)
    • Unknown
      • OMAP3: beagle: add support for expansionboards
      • OMAP3: beagle: add MADC support
      • OMAP3: beagle: add regulators for camera interface
      • OMAP3: beagle: HACK! add in 1GHz OPP
  • 1GHz support
    • Unknown
      • Advanced body bias
      • Userspace IR drop compensation
  • Camera
    • Unknown
      • Additional sensor support
      • ISP functionality
        • Bayer and color-space conversion
  • Power Management
  • Sakoman patches
    • In mainline already
      • OMAP: DSS2: DSI: fix use_sys_clk & highfreq (b2765092aed717ef9fd14bf5f82024359aff0576)
      • OMAP: DSS2: DSI: fix dsi_dump_clocks(a9a6500b718a38d4658b8a61edd8fc3aa0418b50)
      • OMAP2PLUS: DSS2: Fix: Return correct lcd clock source for OMAP2/3 (89976f2990a97820b73a1768371ee505b0ffc176)
      • OMAP: DSS: DSI: Fix DSI PLL power bug (c94dfe05c4b6c269e445691c1fc7a9d8679ba60f)
      • OMAP: DSS2: fix panel Kconfig dependencies (2783fa849b8073b8bae38bb4f3b7fe79aa4dc40b)
    • Unknown
      • OMAP: DSS2: add bootarg for selecting svideo or composite for tv output (ba26db491acb2d0ee6ef6e51756e843dfd56a125)
      • video: add timings for hd720
      • drivers: net: smsc911x: return ENODEV if device is not found
      • Revert "omap2_mcspi: Flush posted writes"
      • Revert "omap_hsmmc: improve interrupt synchronisation"
      • Don't turn SDIO cards off to save power. Doing so will lose all internal state in the card.
      • Enable the use of SDIO card interrupts.
      • soc: codecs: Enable audio capture by default for twl4030
      • soc: codecs: twl4030: Turn on mic bias by default
      • RTC: add support for backup battery recharge
      • ARM: OMAP2: mmc-twl4030: move clock input selection prior to vcc test
      • Add power-off support for the TWL4030 companion
      • ARM: OMAP: Add twl4030 madc support to Overo
      • Enabling Hwmon driver for twl4030-madc
      • mfd: twl-core: enable madc clock
      • rtc-twl: Switch to using threaded irq
      • ARM: OMAP: automatically set musb mode in platform data based on CONFIG options
      • omap: mmc: Adjust dto to eliminate timeout errors
      • omap: Fix mtd subpage read alignment
      • unionfs: Add support for unionfs 2.5.9
      • omap: Change omap_device activate latency messages from pr_warning to pr_debug
    • Not required for BeagleBoard-xM
      • drivers: input: touchscreen: ads7846: return ENODEV if device is not found
      • mtd: nand: omap2: Force all buffer reads to u32 alignment
      • omap : nand : fix subpage ecc issue with prefetch
      • OMAP: Overo: Add support for spidev
      • omap: overo: Add opp init
  • USB OTG sDMA support
  • procfs support porting to debugfs
  • device tree support