BeagleBoard Hardware Interfacing

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This page is meant to help anyone who wants to create an expansion board to interface with the BeagleBoard. It summarizes some of the commercial options, and includes some recommendations for components for a custom board.

Commercial Options

There are several commercial boards that may work without the need to create a custom board.

General Notes

1.8V I/O

It is very important to remember that the I/O on the BeagleBoard is 1.8V I/O. Level shifting must occur to interface with 3.3V or 5V devices.

Powering the Beagle

The BeagleBoard is typically powered through the barrel connector or the Mini-USB connector. When adding an expansion board, the option is available to power the BeagleBoard from a power supply on that expansion board.

Expansion Connectors

Level Shifting

I2C Devices

Some general information about I2C and a few compatabile devices can be found on Interfacing_with_I2C_Devices.