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[[media:showdog-rfc-schematic.pdf|Reference Schematic]] for comments/feedback(not final schematic)
*[[media:showdog-rfc-schematic.pdf|Reference Schematic]] for comments/feedback(not final schematic)
*[[media:showdog-rfc-layout.pdf|Reference Layout]] for comments/feedback(not final layout)
[[Category:BeagleBoard Expansion Boards ]]

Latest revision as of 18:04, 20 May 2010

LCD and Touchscreen board for the BeagleBoard

NOTE: Please feel free to provide comments/feedback on the talk section or via email to


  • 800x480 resolution
  • TFT display
  • 7" Diagonal
  • 4 wire resistive touch screen
  • i2c eeprom
  • i2c gpio expander TCA6408
  • 5 buttons(via TCA6408)
  • 3 leds(via TCA6408)
  • TSC2007 touch screen controller
  • BeagleBoard Expansion Connector pass through