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|I2C Interface || [ I2C Tools]
|I2C Interface || [ I2C Tools]
|OMAP3 Booting || [ OMAP U-boot Utils]
|OMAP Booting || [ OMAP U-boot Utils]
|OMAP4 USB Booting || [;a=summary OMAP4 USB Booting]
|OMAP4 USB Booting || [;a=summary OMAP4 USB Booting]

Revision as of 01:52, 3 April 2011

Description Tool
Framebuffer fb-test
Input Events evtest
Physical Memory devmem2
I2C Interface I2C Tools
OMAP Booting OMAP U-boot Utils
OMAP4 USB Booting OMAP4 USB Booting
Uart Uart Loopback
OMAP overlay swapper overlayswap
OMAP memory speed test memspeed
OMAP4 EMIF cycle speed omap4_emif
OMAP4 EMIF performance omap4_ddrstat
To compile single .c source files such as fb-test.c,
use compiler command line:

# arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc fbtest.c -o fb-test

this will generate the binary fb-test for use on your
system where arm-none-linux-gnueabi- is the cross compiler
that you have installed on your host system.