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CELF Project Proposal/Extend DLNA specifications

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Benjamin Zores
Extend the DLNA specifications


DLNA has become a de-facto standard for multimedia content access among Home consumers devices (TVs, NAS, SetTopBox ...).

Based on UPnP A/V specifications, the DLNA ones however limit its potential to only a very small subset of multimedia files. As a result, many files aren't natively "DLNA-compliant" (while perfectly valid and playable) and require the server to transcode A/V streams to be streamed. This is actually quite impossible on embedded devices due to the impressive required CPU processing resources. See for more details.

The idea is to get involved with DLNA Alliance to extend the existing specifications to support more profiles, mainly:

The project requires no development but specifications redaction and companies support fro being accepted by DLNA Alliance members.

Related work


This should probably take up to 2 months of writting efforts and much more for lobbying.