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CELinux 040609 Patch Archive

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CE Linux Patch Archive

CE Linux technologies are provided as patches or patchsets against stable linux kernels.


To apply the patches, follow these instructions:

- download the patch file
- download the base kernel
- if a patch file, run the patch command.
 $ patch -p1 < patch_file
- if a patchset, unarchive the patchset file then run the "tpm" command from the patchset directory:
 $ tpm -t ./linux-2.6.6.tar.bz2 -f ./patchlist -o ./linux-patched
Name Patch File Base Kernel
printk-times instr-printk-04.06.09.tar.bz2 linux-2.6.6
preset-lpj preset-lpj-04.06.09.patch linux-2.6.6
fast timestamp api timing-api-04.06.09.patch linux-2.6.6
fast boot menu fast-boot-menu-04.06.09.patch linux-2.6.6
posix high res timers - core posix-hrt-core-04.06.09.patch linux-2.6.6
posix high res timers - i386 posix-hrt-i386-04.06.09.patch linux-2.6.6
posix high res timers - ppc32 posix-hrt-ppc32-04.06.09.patch linux-2.6.6