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Welcome to the CircuitCo Support Page

This is the place where BeagleBoard fans can come to find information on the BeagleBoard and BeagleBoard-xM that are provided by CircuitCo, the people that produce the BeagleBoards. Most of this information can also be found on the site and is provided here as a convenience. When new revisions of hardware or software is released, you may be able to find information here sooner than it appears on the site. You may find information here not found on the site as well.

A low-cost, fan-less single board computer that unleashes laptop-like performance and expandability without the bulk, expense, or noise of typical desktop machines

Delivers extra ARM ® Cortex TM -A8 MHz now at 1 GHz and extra memory with 512MB of low-power DDR RAM, enabling hobbyists, innovators and engineers to go beyond their current imagination

A bare-bones BeagleBoard that acts as a USB or Ethernet connected expansion companion for your current BeagleBoard and BeagleBoard-xM or works stand-alone