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BeagleBone LCD3 Cape

The BeagleBone LCD3 Cape provides a portable LCD solution with touchscreen capability for BeagleBone boards. The 3.5" TFT LCD screen, attached to the topside of the board, can display up to a resolution of 320x240 and is a 4-wire resistive touchscreen. The board is equipped with seven switches located at finger-friendly positions. These switches include power, reset, and five user switches, which are mapped to different GPIO signals. The backside of the cape is where a BeagleBone can be mounted.


Electrical Specifications

Power 3.3V via expansion header
5V via expansion header
Display 3.5" TFT LCD
Resolution 320x240
Touchscreen 4-wire
Indicators One Power LED
Two User LEDs
Buttons One power button
One reset button
Five user buttons
Connectors One 46-position male headers
One 20-position male header
One 6-position male connector

Mechanical Specifications

Size 4.00" x 2.50"
Layers 4
PCB Thickness .062"
RoHS Compliant Yes


BeagleBone LCD3 Pin Usage
EEPROM Suport Yes
Board Name BeagleBone LCD3 Cape
Version 00A0
Manufacturer BeagleBoardToys
Part Number BB-BONE-LCD3-01
Pins Used 54


Open Source Yes
System Reference Manual Yes
Schematics PDF, OrCAD
PCB Files Allegro
Gerber Files Yes
Bills of Materials Yes


Manufacturer's Link

For more information about this cape, please visit BeagleBoardToys.com

To go back to the cape list, please click CircuitCo/BeagleBone_Capes