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Cpu Accounting And Blocking Interfaces

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CABI (CPU Accounting and Blocking Interfaces) is a CPU resource monitoring and restriction system which has the purpose of improving the reliability of the system. It is provided as a kernel service to manage the kernel resource properly.


[This feature is important because ...]





None at this time.



Utility programs

[other programs, user-space, test, etc. related to this technology]

How To Use

How to validate

[put references to test plans, scripts, methods, etc. here]

Sample Results

[Examples of use with measurement of the effects.]

Case Study 1

Case Study 2


  • Status: [not started??]
(one of: not started, researched, implemented, measured, documented, accepted)
  • Architecture Support:
(for each arch, one of: unknown, patches apply, compiles, runs, works, accepted)
    • i386: unknown
    • ARM: unknown
    • PPC: unknown
    • MIPS: unknown
    • SH: unknown

Future Work/Action Items

Here is a list of things that could be worked on for this feature: ??