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DevKit8000 Evaluation Kit to India Users


  • TI OMAP3530 Processor based on 600MHz ARM Cortex-A8 core
  • Memory supporting 128MByte DDR SDRAM and 128MByte NAND Flash
  • UART, USB OTG, Ethernet, Camera, Audio, SD/MMC, Keyboard, Jtag,...
  • Supports 24-bit TFT LCD, DVI-D and TV S-Video Output Display
  • Supports Linux2.6 and WinCE 6.0

More info about platform is here "Embest DEV KIT 8000".

Please use this page to add yourself to the list of people who are interested in buying this platform in India.

[Name, Number of DevKits]

  • Deobrat Singh, 2
Name Mail ID Contact Info Number of Orders Model
Khasim Bangalore 1 Basic

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NOTE: This page is mainly to get benefits in shipping with bulk orders and to request for a discount on bulk purchase. Kindly note, we don't restrict you in directly approaching the manufacturer. Please feel free to do so for any urgent orders.