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= Parts =  
= Parts =  
* 1 - [ usb->rs-232 with audio jack]
* [ through hole audio jack]
* 1 - [ through hole audio jack]
* [ usb->rs-232 with audio jack]
** [[File:audio-jack.jpg]]
* 2 - [ 7in 3-pin Fan Power Extension Cable]
** [[File:3pin-fan-power.jpg]]
= Outside Case =
= Outside Case =

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Outside Case

Das oszi case outside-a.jpg

Das oszi case outside-b.jpg

Das oszi case outside-c.jpg

Inside Case

Das oszi case cage.jpg

Das oszi case inside-a.jpg

Das oszi case inside-b.jpg

PCB Connection

Das oszi case pcb.jpg

Cable Sections

Das oszi case cable-a.jpg

Das oszi case cable-b.jpg

Das oszi case cable-c.jpg

Das oszi case cable-d.jpg


Das oszi case cable-connected.jpg