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This page mainly summarizes solutions to some main problems during the development of Embest Devkit8500. Hope it would give you some help.

Hardware problem

Why my new bought 7-inch LCD has no display when power on the board?

Answer: This is a very normal problem. Embest default delivery is preloaded with 4.3-inch LCD image. User needs to change the image for 7-inch LCD. Please follow the document "Devkit8500 Quick User Manual.pdf" included in product DVD.

Why the touch screen could not be used when getting into WinCE system?

Answer: When getting into WinCE system, the LCD displays as below, there is no response if using finger to click the center cross. There might be two reasons:
1. The touch screen is resistive touch screen, we suggest user using touch pen to click the center cross not finger;
2. It needs about one second touching for calibration, if touching time is too short, the operation will be invalid.
EmbestDevkit8500 2.JPG