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Here is some historical information about the eLinux wiki:

Tim Riker created the first web site, which focused on hosting information about embedded Linux development on specific boards and products. Mostly, the site held information useful for people placing (or customizing) embedded Linux on existing hardware products.

The current form of the eLinux wiki was created in 2006, sponsored by the CE Linux Forum in collaboration with Tim Riker. Tim donated the domain name, and the software was changed from MoinMoin to MediaWiki.

It was initially hosted by Movial, then moved to a virtual server hosted by GoDaddy, in February of 2008.

Initial general technology content was converted from material from CELF's public developer wiki.


In November of 2008, CELF sponsored it's first "editor contest". See ELCE2008 Editor Contest

The second "editor contest" is currently open. See ELC2009_Editor_Contest