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(interesting projects)
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= interesting projects =
== interesting projects ==
* 68332 + xilinx fpga
* 68332 + xilinx fpga
* 68332 + castelluccio

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The Mini Robo Mind


The Mini Robo Mind (MRM) is a 68332-powered microcontroller board from that inspired the founders of this project to create a useful, easy-to-use collection of software libraries. The libraries should serve to make the MRM more accessible to beginners, and improve productivity for experienced embedded developers using the MRM.


   * MC68332 Data Sheets
   * MC68332 Reference Manuals

Here are the IDs of some of the most important documents:

   * MC68332UM/D MC68332 User's Manual
   * CPU32RM/AD CPU32 Reference Manual
   * TPURM/AD Time Processor Unit Reference Manual
   * GPTRM/AD General Purpose Timer Reference Manual
   * QSMRM/AD Queued Serial Module Reference Manual
   * SIMRM/AD System Integration Module Reference Manual

interesting projects