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For more interesting projects done by Flameman, be sure to check out his project index



I'm developing for this board, the wiki page will be improved soon

feel free to contact me (see the contact below)


the board firmware runs a tini java virtual machine, which is pretty able to boot to board, to upload java application, and to run it

The Target-goal of this page is

  • have appeal with it
  • have experience with I/O driver written in java (do you really think it i impossibile ?)

People you could contact if you need help

  • flameman, i'm currently use this board for a project, email
    • email
  • you ... if you want ;-)

About this project

About the board


The board consists of:

Memory Locations

memory map of the board will be added as soon as possible

addr begin addr end area
...  ?? ram, userspace

Open questions




Images of the board




About firmware

About devtools

javac-390translate java to pseudo 51 assembly

  • javac-8051 machine layer has been ported to 80c390, but there is no public assembler
  • dalsemi has released a java version of java compiler and 51 assembler and linker

modern java environment are not compatible with java-51-assembler

so if you need this old java environment email me i will provide the java binary


tinijava Books


Unofficial Bug List

Common problems and Gotchas

Tips & Tricks