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Flash Filesystem Benchmarks Kernel Evolution

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This page makes it possible to monitor performance regressions in newer kernel versions

Each board/filesystem couple should be watched. More results will come shortly.

IGEPv2 Board / UBIfs

Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-init time.png Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-init cpu time.png Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-init mem.png Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-mount time.png Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-mount cpu time.png Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-mount mem.png Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-remount time.png Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-remount cpu time.png Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-used space.png Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-read time.png Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-read cpu time.png Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-remove time.png Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-remove cpu time.png Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-write time.png Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-write cpu time.png Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-video write time.png Elinux-igepv2-ubifs-comparison-video write cpu time.png