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(External links)
(External links)
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* [ Official Free Pascal site]
* [ Official Free Pascal site]
* [ Lazarus portal]
* [ Lazarus portal]
* [ Tutorial in the Lazarus wiki (i/o code examples also apply to pure Free Pascal)
* [ Tutorial in the Lazarus wiki (i/o code examples also apply to pure Free Pascal)]
{{Template:Raspberry Pi}}
{{Template:Raspberry Pi}}

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Free Pascal on Raspbian Wheezy
Free Pascal on Raspberry Pi (shown is the text-mode IDE).

Free Pascal is a professional but free 32 bit / 64 bit compiler for Pascal and ObjectPascal. The Raspberry Pi system is supported with Raspbian OS.

Simple installation

In the Raspbian distribution Free Pascal is easily installed with the following shell commands:

  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get upgrade
  sudo apt-get install fpc

You might also want to install Lazarus, a graphical IDE.

There are three modes to use Free Pascal on Raspbian:

  • via the shell command fpc. This requires to enter a number of options along with the fpc command.
  • via the shell command fp. This command starts a text-based IDE (see screenshot).
  • via Lazarus, a very comfortable IDE

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