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Hammer LCD 8bit Color STN

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This page is to describe how to use the Panasonic EDMGRB8KJF (Datasheet) available from EarthLCD with the Hammer development module from TinCanTools

style="background:#FFFF40" |21||style="background:#FFFF40" |LCD_VD0||style="background:#FFFF40" |LCD data bit 0||style="background:#FFFF80" |GPC8||style="background:#FFFF80" |GPIO port C bit 8
Pinout with more explanations and links.
Pin Number Hammer Note LCD Pin Number
22 LCD_VD1 LCD data bit 1 GPC9 GPIO port C bit 9
23 LCD_VD2 LCD data bit 2 GPC10 GPIO port C bit 10
24 LCD_VD3 LCD data bit 3 GPC11 GPIO port C bit 11
25 LCD_VD4 LCD data bit 4 GPC12 GPIO port C bit 12
26 LCD_VD5 LCD data bit 5 GPC13 GPIO port C bit 13
27 LCD_VD6 LCD data bit 6 GPC14 GPIO port C bit 14
28 LCD_VD7 LCD data bit 7 GPC15 GPIO port C bit 15