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Hammer LCD 8bit Color STN

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This is a "HowTo" for the Panasonic EDMGRB8KJF (Datasheet) available from EarthLCD to be used with the Hammer development module from TinCanTools

Matching Pinouts
Pin Number Hammer Note LCD Pin Number
16 VM Display On/Off DISPON 16
17 VFRAME LCD Vertical sync FRM 20
18 VLINE LCD Horizontal sync LOAD 14
19 VCLK LCD pixel clock CP 12
21 LCD_VD0 LCD data bit 0 Data0 9
22 LCD_VD1 LCD data bit 1 Data1 8
23 LCD_VD2 LCD data bit 2 Data2 7
24 LCD_VD3 LCD data bit 3 Data3 6
25 LCD_VD4 LCD data bit 4 Data4 4
26 LCD_VD5 LCD data bit 5 Data5 3
27 LCD_VD6 LCD data bit 6 Data6 2
28 LCD_VD7 LCD data bit 7 Data7 1
+3.3V VDD 10
+3.3V VDD 11
+3.3V VDD 13