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Here is some information about KDB - the in-kernel debugger for the Linux kernel.

See for a tutorial for the 2.4.20 kernel (from June 2003)

Here's an article from 2002 on KDB vs. KGDB: It has a good discussion excerpt between Andrew Morton and Keith Owens about the relative merits of KDB versus KGDB.

Jason Wessel is the current KDB maintainer. Here is a presentation from him at LinuxCon 2010 (August 2010):

Here are some videos showing use of KDB and KGDB:

The KDB and KGDB official wiki:

Here are some questions to answer:

* What kernel versions are supported?
  * 2.6.35 and on
* what kernel configs are required to be set?
* how to invoke the debugger?
  * panic
  * sysrq trigger

Kernel configuration

Using gdb to see the kernel source listing