LeapFrog Pollux Platform: Cartridge

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Detailed Pin info of the Cart Connector

Original Cartridge

Manufactured by Sandisk

  • s740878-1
  • 4620329
  • 0621
  • 151-10043-07-a

Custom Cartridges


DJHI stand for "Did Ja Hack It?" Right now you can only buy them fully assembled and tested from JerTechOnline.com

Home Etched Didj Breakout Board

  • Easy to make at home (can be made with a radioshack kit and a dremel)
  • The board layout was designed in eagle.
    • The Eagle Board file Download
    • The Didj Edgecard connector library file Download
      • You can use this to make any board you want.
    • Edited Didj Cartridge library Download
      • (including outlines and keepout regions according to Awesomnesser's diagrams)
  • This cartridge locks in just like the real thing.
    • It is easy to do just superglue a small piece of FR4 in the corner and dremel a notch out. (see dimensions below)
    • You will also need a spacer on the top and bottom and those dimensions are also included.

Hack an Original Cart

  • Modify an original cart to have a uart output

Claudes Cartridge

SD and USB Serial Cart

  • Features
    • Fits (mostly) within the Didj
    • Includes an FTDI FT232RL USB-Serial adaptor for Bootloader and Serial Console
    • Includes SD card slot
    • Includes solder jumpers for custom bootloader
    • Open Eagle source files (CC Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike)
  • Front and Back PDF
  • Eagle files
  • BatchPCB public design
  • Comments welcome!
    • Gerbers haven't been made yet. Please post comments here, or as a message to me.
    • I think the design is correct based on Claude's schematic and Awesomenesser's diagrams, but I can't be sure.
    • Later, I'll have this produced by BatchPCB, I'll post a link to the public design on that site, if others want boards made.