LeapFrog Pollux Platform: Networking Applications

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Here you will find a list of applications, and their usages.


Networking Setup

For Didj only Networking Enabled

Networking Applications

Set up telnetd

Run Telnetd

as a background daemon

# telnetd 

or in the foreground

# telnetd -F

At this point you should be able to telnet from the host to the device.

On Host

$ telnet

This should leave you with a command line on your Didj.


Note the IP address that you assigned to the Didj, for example To copy a file, for example "./myfile" from your PC to the Didj:

On Didj

 # nc -p 5600 -l -w 30 > myfile

On Host

 $ nc 5600 -w 2 < myfile

When nc exits, you should see the file on the device.