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The Leapster Explorer (Leapfrog Enterprises)

Project Summary

The Leapster Explorer (like its predecessor the Didj) is a toy produced by Leapfrog marketed as an educational handheld gaming coonsole for kids aged 5-10. Although it has a proprietary graphical front end, it runs a generic Linux distribution on the same Arm9 based processor as the Didj. Console access to the Explorer is achieved using the same method as found on the Didj.

Tutorials/How To's

How to Extract Files From the Firmware LFP file

Lots more information on the Didj

Technical Information

Detailed specifications TBD.

What we know so far:

CPU: It is believed the device is powered by the same ARM9-based LF1000 processor as found in the Didj, clocked at 533MHz.

Storage: 512MB (Believed to be NAND)

RAM: Unknown at this time

Networking support: Via USB Gadget Ethernet

Interface types: USB host/device, UART

Physical connectors : Cartridge socket (providing NAND, SDIO and UART), Mini USB port, a proprietary form-factor accessory port for USB camera, DC Power, headphone, and a charger socket.

Input device: Touchscreen/stylus

Kernel: 2.6.31

Flash support (via Flash Lite runtime)

OpenGL support