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|bgcolor="#ffe4e1"|patch doesn't apply (bitrotted?)
|bgcolor="#ffe4e1"|patch doesn't apply (bitrotted?)
|In discussion between Thomas Petazzoni and Ingo Molnar
|In discussion between Thomas Petazzoni and Ingo Molnar. See [http://selenic.com/pipermail/linux-tiny/2008-February/000525.html this thread].

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This page has a table of patches that are part of the Linux-tiny project.

patch type description kernel option 2.6.22 status/notes mainline inclusion status
use-funit-at-a-time.patch compiler flag Add -funit-at-a-time to the gcc compilation flags for building the kernel None OK
config-net-small.patch add option Add CONFIG_NET_SMALL configuration option Adds CONFIG_NET_SMALL OK
cache_defer_hash.patch smaller data Reduce RPC cache hash table size from PageSize to 512 Uses CONFIG_NET_SMALL OK
unix_socket_table.patch smaller data Reduce AF_UNIX socket hash table from 256 to 16 entries Uses CONFIG_NET_SMALL OK
inet_protos.patch smaller data Reduce number of internet protocols supported from 256 to 32 Uses CONFIG_NET_SMALL OK
flow-cache-small.patch smaller data Reduce flow cache hash table from 2^10 (1024) to 2^3 (8) Uses CONFIG_NET_SMALL OK
tg3-oops.patch bugfix Handle tg3 ring allocation correctly None mainlined
namei-inlines.patch smaller code Uninline various functions in namei.c None OK
buffer-inlines.patch smaller code Uninline function in buffer.c None OK
ext2namei-inlines.patch smaller code Uninline ext2_add_nondir function None OK
kmalloc-accounting.patch measurement feature Add kmalloc accounting feature CONFIG_KMALLOC_ACCOUNTING (replaced)
cache-accounting.patch measurement feature Add slab accounting feature CONFIG_DEBUG_SLAB_ACCOUNT OK
slab-analysis-scripts.patch measurement feature Add slabalyze and casort CONFIG_DEBUG_SLAB_ACCOUNT OK
audit-bootmem.patch measurement feature Cause bootmem code to print callers and sizes for allocations CONFIG_AUDIT_BOOTMEM OK
deprecate-inline.patch measurement feature Add system for counting inline usage by generating deprecation warnings CONFIG_MEASURE_INLINES OK
deprecate-inline-kconfig-move.patch measurement feature Fixup a kconfig entry for measuring inlines CONFIG_MEASURE_INLINES OK
func-size.patch measurement feature Adds a script to count inline function sizes None OK
tiny-panic.patch reduced debug feature Add option to use smaller panic code CONFIG_FULL_PANIC OK
nopanic.patch omit debug feature Make code for kernel panic configurable CONFIG_PANIC OK
tiny-crc.patch smaller data Allow using function instead of table for CRC32 calculations CONFIG_CRC32_TABLES OK
threadinfo-ool.patch smaller code Inline current() and current_thread_info() on UP (configurable) (x86 only?) CONFIG_INLINE_THREADINFO patch doesn't apply (bitrotted?) In discussion between Thomas Petazzoni and Ingo Molnar. See this thread.
slob-accounting.patch measurement feature Add kmalloc accounting to SLOB allocator Uses CONFIG_SLOB, CONFIG_DEBUG_SLOB_ACCOUNT?? patch applies, but has no effect (missing config item), patch not completed|
mempool-shrink.patch reduced feature Allow disabling mempool allocator feature CONFIG_MEMPOOL OK
no-translations.patch omit feature Allow omitting support for console charset translation CONFIG_CONSOLE_TRANSLATIONS OK
sysenter.patch omit feature Allow disabling syscalls via sysenter (x86-only) CONFIG_SYSENTER OK
no-aio.patch omit feature Allow disabling Asynchronous IO syscalls and support CONFIG_AIO OK
no-xattr.patch omit feature Allow disabling Extended Attributes syscalls and support CONFIG_XATTR OK
fslock.patch omit feature Allow disabling POSIX file locking syscalls and support CONFIG_FILE_LOCKING OK
direct-io-core.patch omit feature Allow disabling directIO syscalls and support DIRECTIO patch doesn't apply (bitrotted?)
ethtool.patch omit feature Allow disabling support for configuring network devices with ethtool program CONFIG_ETHTOOL OK
inetpeer.patch omit feature Allow disabling INET peer data tracking CONFIG_INETPEER OK
net-filter.patch omit feature Allow disabling old-style packet filtering support CONFIG_NET_SK_FILTER OK
dev_mcast.patch omit feature Allow disabling netdev multicast support CONFIG_NET_DEV_MULTICAST OK
igmp.patch omit feature Allow disabling IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) support - used for multicasts CONFIG_IGMP OK
binfmt-script.patch omit feature Allow disabling support to run shell scripts via standard "#!" syntax CONFIG_BINFMT_SCRIPT OK
elf-no-aout.patch omit feature Allow disabling support for ELF programs with a.out format loader or libraries CONFIG_BINFMT_ELF_AOUT OK
max-swapfiles.patch smaller data Make the number of swapfiles configurable CONFIG_MAX_SWAPFILES_SHIFT OK
ldiscs.patch smaller data Make the number of tty line disciplines configurable CONFIG_NR_LDISCS OK
max_user_rt_prio.patch smaller data Make the number of RT priority O(1) scheduling queues configurable CONFIG_MAX_USER_RT_PRIO OK
ide-hwif.patch smaller data Make the number of supported IDE interfaces configurable CONFIG_IDE_HWIFS OK
sbf.patch omit feature Allow disabling simple bootflag support (x86-only) CONFIG_BOOTFLAG patch doesn't apply (bitrotted?) Patch updated by Thomas Petazzoni. Space-savings are very small, in discussion with x86 maintainers.
serial-pci.patch omit feature Allow disabling support for PCI serial devices CONFIG_SERIAL_PCI OK
dmi_blacklist.patch omit feautre Allow disabling DMI scanning (x86-only) CONFIG_DMI_SCAN patch doesn't apply (bitrotted?) Patch updated by Thomas Petazzoni and included in -mm by Andrew Morton
pci-quirks.patch omit feature Allow disabling of workarounds for various PCI chipset bugs and quirks CONFIG_PCI_QUIRKS OK
tsc.patch omit feature Allow disabling use of TSC as kernel timer (x86-only) CONFIG_X86_TSC_TIMER patch doesn't apply (bitrotted?)
cpu-support.patch omit feature Allow disabling vendor-specific x86 CPU features (x86-only) CONFIG_PROCESSOR_SELECT, CONFIG_CPU_SUP_* (many) patch doesn't apply (bitrotted?) Michael Opdenacker has updated the patch, in discussion with x86 maintainers for inclusion
mtrr.patch continuation patch Make MTRR support depend on vendor-specific CPU selection (x86-only) None patch doesn't apply (bitrotted?) Need to wait for cpu-support to be included
no-doublefault.patch omit feature Remove double faut exception handler None Already included, CONFIG_DOUBLEFAULT
movsl-mask.patch continuation patch Make movsl mask usage depend on vendor-specific CPU selection (x86-only) None OK
do-printk.patch reduced feature Allow fine-grained control of printk message compilation CONFIG_PRINTK_FUNC, uses CONFIG_PRINTK OK
inflate-*.patch (multiple patches) eliminate redundant code Allow ARM boot code to re-use existing lib/inflate code None patches don't apply (bitrotted!)