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Minnowboard:Automotive Lure

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This page is for discussions/specs for an Automotive Lure for the

you can use the "Discussion" section or place content here!

Possible Features

Smart power lure:

  • programmable start and shutdown with vehicle ignition.
  • interface to read ignition voltage, VIN voltage and current
  • Aux +12V outputs with interface to turn on/off aux devices

lure should be similar to:

CAN/OBD-II lure:

  • Support OBD-II via the STN1110 chip.
  • Extra hardware to support HS, MS and SW CAN protocols via the STN1110 (similar to how the OBDLink MX does it).

Combination Smart power + OBD-II

  • Combines the smart power lure and CAN/OBD-II lure in one.