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Nail Board

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Nail profile.jpg


  • 3 user leds available
    • DS2 and DS3 on the Nail Board
    • USER led on the Hammer Board
  • 2 interrupt driven pushbuttons
  • PWM buzzer
  • reset button
  • power led
  • usb powered
  • usb serial port console (via internal FT2232) see USB Device Listing
  • usb jtag interface (via internal FT2232) see USB Device Listing
  • usb controlled gpios (4 via internal FT2232) see USB Device Listing
  • usb gadget interface (via the Hammer Board) see USB Device Listing
    • Ethernet Gadget Driver (default)
    • Serial Port Gadget Driver
    • Mass Storage Driver
  • usb host interface (via the Hammer Board)
    • USB 1.1 Compliant
    • Low Speed Support (2mb)
    • Full Speed Support (12mb)
  • 2x10 expansion connector
    • +5v available
    • +3.3v available
    • Headers can be jumper configured
    • 2 wire Serial Port
    • SPI Port
    • I2C
    • GPIOS
    • External Interrupts
  • Hammer Board Breakout Header
    • 0.1" headers
    • all 40 pins available

Nail case.jpg