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Introduction is founded by a group of engineers enthusiastic in modern technologies and open source software development and sponsored by Timll Technic Inc. in China. It is an open community to provide support and discussions for K7 MID or any other open source MID projects through this website., itself, is an Open Source project. This means, first, that we offer not only a product but a process, and second, that we depend upon the contributions of developers and endusers to make that process happen. The easiest way for you to help us out is to join the overall project by join OpenSourceMID Community.

K7 MID is a low-cost, high-performance handheld Mobile Internet Device featuring Texas Instruments' OMAP3530 ARM Cortex-A8 core processor with, wireless connectivity, touch screen control, GPS navigation systems and integrated power management with battery backup. It can support for both Android and WinCE operating systems and would be a complete solution that addresses all of the user's multimedia and communication needs on a single platform.