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'''Warning: This guide may not work for the "wheezy" version of Debian'''
'''Warning: This guide may not work for the "wheezy" version of Debian'''
You may try the instructions from Hexxeh: []

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Adding Chromium web browser to a Raspberry Pi

What does it do?

Warning: This guide may not work for the "wheezy" version of Debian You may try the instructions from Hexxeh: [1]

This guide shows you how to install a Chromium web browser, which should be faster and more reliable than the standard Debian web browser.

What do you need?

  • A Raspberry Pi, model B.
  • A Debian Squeeze SD card for the Raspberry Pi, size should be 2GB or larger.
  • A network connection (Ethernet or WiFi).

Note: currently Chromium only works on the older Debian Squeeze image. It is not supported uptream for Debian Wheezy. Midori is still recommended for Wheezy.

What skill level is required?

Suitable for absolute beginners. No Linux knowledge is needed.

It is assumed that you have used a computer before, for example a Windows PC.

Overview of this guide

You need to

  • Install Chromium software on the Raspberry Pi
  • Start the Chromium web browser

Installing the software

Follow the instructions in RPi Install software, using the command

sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

Opening the Chromium web browser

Enter the following command and press enter at the end.


Wait for the desktop to finish loading.

Click on the LXDE icon (the strange X) in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Move your mouse to point to "Internet".

Click on "Chromium Web Browser".

The Chromium web browser will open.