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I am putting together a Computer Club for students at my school. This will be based on RPi Model B running the Raspbian “wheezy” image. The original intention was to prepare the RPi in advance for getting straight into programming in Python 3 and PyGame. However, I am also wondering if the students I am looking for might, instead, prefer to setup the RPi for themselves from a vanilla wheezy install. Either way, after writing lots into a notebook as I worked out each stage of the setup process, I collected together what I had learned into an install document. This consists of the following main sections: 1. Trinity School Raspberry Pi Specification - in which I summarise all the hardware and software I have included in my proposal to the Headteacher. 2. RPi Operating System Build - which is the main reason for creating this page - where I run through step by step the procedure needed to get from a headless RPi physically connected to the school network to being ready to start programming in Python 3. 3. Raspberry Pi Referece - a few useful snippets about the RPi. I created it in MS Word which I saved as a PDF for publication on this Wiki. If it proves useful enough, I will try and turn it into Wiki form.