RPi schematics breakdown

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Raspberry Pi schematics breakdown

I (AndrewS) found it slightly annoying that all the component-labels in the official schematics PDF are images rather than text, which means you can't search for components by name (e.g. using your PDF-reader's standard search tools). So I spent a large chunk of my weekend meticulously transcribing the schematics into a multi-column CSV file: schematics_breakdown.csv

I've done some basic checking, but this is totally unofficial so it may well contain mistakes. If in doubt refer to the original schematics! I have included the unverified typos though.

Using this you can now search for components by name, and read off which sheet and sheet-area they're on :-) And because it's a plain-text CSV file you can load it into your favourite spreadsheet application and slice/dice/sort/filter the data however you want. Or you can load it into your favourite programming language, and make things like RPi_BCM2835_Pinout ...


  • 2012-04-22 - Initial version
  • 2012-04-23 - Used front and back PCB images to assign each Component to a BoardSide