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Real Time

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This page has information about Real-time usage of Linux. Also this page has information about timing systems for Linux. This is of interest to CE Linux Forum members, because many consumer electronics products have realtime requirements (e.g. in the areas of multi-media presentation, or communications)

Real Time Wiki

  • Please note that the primary source of information for Real Time Linux information is the new RTWiki.

Technology/Project pages


  • Paper: "Embedded GNU/Linux and Real-Time an executive summary", 2010 by Robert Berger
    • This papers, prepared for the Embedded World Conference 2010, compares different real-time approaches (including PREEMPT_RT and dual-kernel approaches).
    • The paper has an extensive list of references.

Further Open Source Projects

  • Xenomai - Real-time development framework, closely cooperating with the Linux kernel. Among other features, it provides a migration path from various RTOSes like VxWorks, PSOS+, etc. to Linux based on so-called skins.