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Kit2440 Development board CoreWind KIT2440-III development Board Computer is based on Samsung S3C2440A ARM920T microprocessor. It consists of a CPU board Core2440-III and an expansion board. The Core2440-III CPU board is mounted onto the expansion board through three dip connectors. All I/O CPU lines are extended via 250 pins, contains two 1.27mm pitch 2*50-pin dip connectors and one 1.27mm pitch 2*25-pin dip connectors. The KIT2440-III comes with 64MB SDRAM and 64MBNand Flash on CPU board. The expansion board has extended hardware peripherals which greatly increased the capabilites of Core2440-III. It has integreated SD card interface, USB interface, 10/100M Ethernet interface, 3-channel serial port, 4-channel USB Host and 1-channel USB Device and more others. The board is capable of supporting for Linux 2.6.29 and WindowsCE 5.0 operating system. CoreWind provides the software BSP along with documents to help customer start with their development quickly.

CPU Board ----- Core2440-III ARM9 Samsung S3C2440A development board 64Mbyte SDRAM, 64Mbyte Nand Flash 250 pins connectors( Extend out all the I/O from S3C2440A with 250-pin connector) One JTAG interface PCB: 6 layers, 78.7mm X 38mm X 1.6 mm Mother board 1 ----- Kit2440-III LCD/Touch Screen interface (40-pin FPC connector, support resolution up to 2048*2048) Audio input and output slot (3.5mm audio jack) 4 USB Host interface and 1 USB device one SD card slot One 10/100M Ethernet interface (RJ45) 3 serial port(One 3-wire Serial port, the others was under the DB9 interface) One 20-pin Jtag interface two expansion connector (two 20Pin 2mm pitch of the GPIO Interface Contains:Camera, SPI, I/O, AD) board size: 105mm x 80mm Fully support Windows 5.0 and Linux2.6.29