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SPI Slave Zero

SPI Slave Zero is a specification for SPI peripheral intended for verification of SPI master drivers. The concept is borrowed from that of USB Gadget Zero which serves as a test endpoint for USB HCI drivers. The intention of the specification is to be broad enough to be implemented on a wide range of microcontrollers and SoCs with capable hardware SPI slave peripherals or optionally via bitbanging.

SSZ Specification Rev 0.1

SPI Slave Zero (SSZ) is a SPI peripheral supporting streaming read of a data test pattern, write sinking, and optionally write storage and read back for data integrity testing. The peripheral supports a combination of out-of-band signals to control reset and fundamental protocol configuration as well as a register set for driver discovery of supported features for a given implementation.

I/O Resources

SSZ requires the following minimal signal resources:

  • MOSI
  • MISO
  • SCLK
  • SS
  • RESETn
  • MODE[1..0]


  • RESETn is asserted by the master for 10ms.
  • TBD

Command Protocol


Register 0x00