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== Bitmap ==
== Bitmap ==
[[File:REnesasSH4.JPG‎ ]]
== Hardware Specification ==
== Hardware Specification ==
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* busybox-0.60.3 (for Minimum root filesystem)
* busybox-0.60.3 (for Minimum root filesystem)
[[Category:Consumer Electronics Linux]]

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Hardware Specification

    • Renesas SH4(SH7751R) 240MHz
    • 64Mbyte SDRAM
    • 128Kbyte SRAM
    • 4Mbyte Flash
    • VGAB6900
    • South Bridge M1543 (FD/LPT/UART/IrDA/USB/RTC/KB/Mouse/IDE)
    • Ethernet (AM 79C973)

Software Specification

  • CELF 2004/3/04 + target board specific patch
  • gcc-3.2.3
  • glibc-2.2.5
  • binutils-
  *User Land
  • busybox-0.60.3 (for Minimum root filesystem)