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* binutils-
* binutils-
   *User Land
   *User Land
* [[Media:rootfs_tree.txt]]
* Media:rootfs_tree.txt
[[Category:Consumer Electronics Linux]]

Latest revision as of 01:12, 28 January 2010



Hardware Specification

    • Renesas SH4(SH7751R) 240MHz
    • 64Mbyte SDRAM
    • 1/16/32Mbyte Flash
  *Graphics controller
    • SM501 (w/8M Graphics memory)
    • LCD / VGA dual display
    • USB 1.1 host(2ch), ZV port, AC97/I2S
    • 2ch Ethernet (RTL8139DL, AX88796L)
    • Card BUS interface (PCI1520GHK)
    • AC97 (AD1885)
    • FPGA (CF true IDE, touch panel, LED, LCD)

Software Specification

  • CELF 2004/1/26
  • gcc-3.2.3
  • glibc-2.3.1
  • binutils-
  *User Land
  • Media:rootfs_tree.txt