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* [ RS Components]
* [ RS Components]
* [ CPC Farnell]
* [ CPC Farnell]
* [ Proto Armour]
* [ Pi Supply]
* [ Meltwaters Hardware]
== Advertising ==
== Advertising ==

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Donating Money

An obvious way to help the magazine is to donate towards the running costs of the magazine. There are lots of costs involved with running the site and maintaining the magazine and additional funds will allow us to expand the project to reach more readers.

A PayPal donate button is on the main page of The MagPi site.

Commercial sponsors

The MagPi magazine has worked with:


From issue 9, The MagPi magazine carries several advertising pages which are available for rental to companies connected with the Raspberry Pi community. Each month The MagPi is read online or downloaded 70,000 times... and 2,000 copies are printed. It's a great way to spread the word about your Raspberry Pi related product or service.

For more information please visit TheMagPiAdvertising page.