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(Presentations ([ TOMOYO at Slideshare))
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*[ kernel/security/tomoyo]
*[ kernel/security/tomoyo]
== Presentations ([ TOMOYO at Slideshare) ==
== Presentations ([ TOMOYO at Slideshare]) ==
=== 2009-10-27 [ Smartbook/Netbook/Mobile Application Conference Taipei 2009] ===
=== 2009-10-27 [ Smartbook/Netbook/Mobile Application Conference Taipei 2009] ===

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TOMOYO Linux is an implementation of Mandatory Access Control for Linux.

LiveCD (ISO image)

TOMOYO Linux enabled Ubuntu 8.04 LiveCD is available. It's 100% safe and fun (and free, of course) to try. Please take your time to explore the amazing world of policy auto learning.

TOMOYO Linux enabled CentOS LiveCD (SELinux is available, too)

Quick and Easy Install Guide

Other distributions


Mainline version

Original hook version (version 1.6)


For those "tough guys", TOMOYO Linux just runs fine on LFS. Find yourself and make your own version.

Browse the code

Presentations (TOMOYO at Slideshare)

2009-10-27 Smartbook/Netbook/Mobile Application Conference Taipei 2009

2009-10-23 Japan Linux Symposium 2009

2009-9-23 LinuxCon2009

2009-6-12 CE Linux Forum Japan Technical Jamboree 28

2009-5-22 CE Linux Forum Japan Technical Jamboree 27

2009-1-21 Linux Conf Au "Linux Security 2009 (miniconf)"

2008-11-21 FreedomHEC Taipei (Chinese)

2008-11-13 PacSec 2008

2008-7-25 Ottawa Linux Symposium 2008 BoF

2008-7-9 Linux Foundation Japan #8 Symposium

2008-4-15 Embedded Linux Conference 2008

2008-2-24 FOSDEM2008 (Embedded Developer Room)

2007-11-29 PacSec 2007

2007-06-29 Ottawa Linux Symposium 2007

2007-04-18 CELF Worldwide Embedded Linux Conference 2007

For the memory of OLS2007






Mailing List

Check for updates?

Talk Annonymously?

TOMOYO: Forum: TOMOYO :: Open Discussion - SourceForge.JP


Project Manager: Toshiharu Harada (NTT DATA CORPORATION)