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! Program
! Program
! Will It Run?
! Will It Run?

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Program Will It Run? Note
A piece of software  ? First, look below and replace "game" with "my software" . If it is open source , why don't you TEST IT YOURSELF :
Get the development VM , the  software source code, 
compile in scratchbox,run in scratchbox and qemu :
If it works it'll work on the pi , but perhaps slower.
My favorite PS3/PC game NO !
  • The majority of these games are made for Windows.
  • The majority of these games are closed-source (no easy porting).
  • The majority of these games are VERY resource intensive
    ( a Pi is a PII @ 300 MHz + 256 MB RAM - Note: MEGAhertz, MEGAbytes)
Minecraft : no, Quake 3 : luckily yes , other games: convince the developer !
My favorite Web 2.0 / 1.0 App  ? As long there is no Flash content , of course. Might be slow. Check out the mobile/HTML5 versions.
facebook: yes , Google : yes , hulu : no , youtube: yes.
Windows No Windows runs only on x86 type computers , the Pi is ARM.
Windows 8 NO !
  • Will only run on Cortex/Tegra ("better" processors).
  • Needs more RAM
  • Only the tablet producers may make contracts with Microsoft.
    The producers do the porting work.
NO !
  • Do you have loads of money to throw away
    (licenses + man-hours for debugging , porting , debugging again ) ?
  • Do you realise that you won't be able to run plain Win32 .exes (no Crysis !) ?
  • Do you realise that the primary aim is education ? - anything else isn't tested or
    will be accounted for (embedded applications , medical applications , rocket science)
WINE No Sorry. WINE is x86 only. Anything else is a pipe dream , believe me.
Netflix No Netflix uses proprietary technology which is not supported for Linux. There is
help request against that online.
Android  ? Very propable , but NOT Ice Cream Sandwich ! Remember : 256 MB RAM ?
Java Yes Might be *slow* . No idea about browser plugins.
Flash No You can try gnash (GNU Flash) and many other projects.
They are NOT a drop-in replacement for Adobes official thing.