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The ARM920T and ARM922T hard macrocells are suitable for a wide range of platform OS based applications. Based around the high performance ARM9TDMI 32-bit RISC CPU, the ARM920T and ARM922T processors feature instruction and data caches, memory management unit (MMU) enabling support for all major operating systems (OS), AMBA® bus-compliant interfaces, and support for ARM's real-time trace technology with the optional ETM9TM Embedded Trace Macrocell. The ARM922T is identical to the ARM920T but has 8K/8K caches while the ARM920T has 16K/16K caches.

The ARM922T processor is available via the ARM Foundry Program.


  • Next generation smart phones, communicators & PDA's
  • 3G baseband and applications processor
  • Platform OS based devices
  • Digital still camera
  • Audio & video decoding
  • Automotive infotainment
  • Set top box


  • 32/16-bit RISC architecture (ARMv4T)
  • 32-bit ARM instruction set for maximum performance and flexibility
  • 16-bit Thumb instruction set for increased code density
  • MMU which supports operating systems including Symbian OS, Windows CE, Linux & Palm OS
  • Instruction and data caches: ARM920T = 16K/16K, ARM922T 8K/8K
  • Industry standard AMBA bus interface
  • ETM interface for real-time trace capability with ETM9

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