ARM Versatile

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Versatile AB with the IB1 and an external display daughterboard connected
Versatile AB with the IB2 mobile phone prototyping daughterboard connected

ARM Versatile Family

This series of machines have been the basis of ARMv5TE development and was the second ARM reference design after the ARM Integrator to receive full support for the Linux kernel from ARM. They were popular as prototyping systems around 2003-2010.

They were based around the ARM926EJ-S CPU core on a special tailored test chip.

The two main boards are:

  • ARM Versatile Application Baseboard or Versatile AB for short which come with daughterboards named EB1 (Expansion Board 1) and EB2 (Expansion Board 2). The EB1 can connect the Versatile AB to an external LCD color display using a special cable and can be used for prototyping interactive display systems, and the EB2 has a mobile phone form factor and comes with a small display, candy bar phone keypad and a GSM modem and can be used for prototyping mobile handsets.
  • ARM Versatile Platform Baseboard or Versatile PB for short. This board has a PCI expansion tile and is good for development of embedded systems with PCI.


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