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The AntBoard is an Intel® Atom™ processor based board which introduces Intel® Architecture to the small and low cost embedded market for the developer and maker community. It has exceptional performance, flexibility, openness and standards. It incorporates an 64bits INTEL E3815/25 SoC which includes a 1.46GHz single/dual core X86 processor and Imagination Intel® HD Graphics 400MHZ GPU. The Antboard provides comprehensive connectivity, multimedia capabilities and up to 4G DDR3_L RAM supported. AntBoard is supported almost popular Linux OS, such as Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Redhat, etc. Window8.1 and Android 4.2/4. for more details functions of AntBoard, check it out in

AntBoard is an open source platform with technical manuals, schematics and source code freely downloadable.

AntBoard is now available for pre-order from the ZYCOO Technologies store for $75 - $125 with different options.

Key futures

Category Feature
CPU INTEL ATOM E3815/25 1.46G
DDR RAM DDR3L SO-DIMM Supported from 1G to 4G
EMMC UP 16GB EMMC supported
Audio on board Aduido in/out port
HDMI 1 HDMI port
USB 1 USB2.0 and 1 USB3.0 ports
Ethernet 2 Gigabyte Ethernet ports
Low speed Expanse Interface I2C/SPI/GPIO/PWM
High speed Expanse Interface Pcie
Storage interface miniPCIE SSD, SATA
RTC On board battery
OS Windows8.1/10, Linux and Android

How to compile newest kernel for the Antboard

Make sure you have installed git or use following command to install it:

apt-get install git

Do git clone of kernel stable version:

git clone
cd linux-stable
git checkout master (or you prefer version, for better support Antboard, use 3.18 at least)
make defconfig
scripts/kconfig/ .config Minnowmax-3.18.txt
make -j4 && make -j4 modules

Now we have a new kernel ready and modules, if you build the new kernel in Antboard, use following commands to install it:

cp bzImage boot/vmlinuz-3.16.0-4-686-pae # your current Linux version
make modules_install